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Coral Community News

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Coral news from around the world.

Earth scientist Andréa Grottoli on the recent (July 2021) science to policy paper Rebuilding Coral Reefs: A Decadal Grand Challenge issued by coral scientist of the International Coral Reef Society:

"Today's decision makers are thus faced with a stark reality," the report concludes, "for the first time, an entire globally dispersed ecosystem that supports millions of species and people may be lost at the hands of humans."

The report states that “Recovery depends on three interdependent pillars of action: • Reduce global climate threats by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and increasing carbon sequestration, preferably through nature-based solutions. • Improve local conditions by increasing protection and improving management for coral reef resilience. • Invest in restoration science and active coral reef restoration to enhance recovery and adaptation rates, maintain or restore biodiversity, and explore new restoration technologies.”

Red Sea corals may offer a ray of hope in the face of warming seas. (April 2020)

Marine life can be rebuilt by 2050with major interventions.(April 2020)

New tough little coral found in Honolulu Harbour. (April 2020)

Great Barrier Reef suffers its most widespread mass bleaching event on record. (Apr2020)

Great Barrier Reef hit by third major bleaching event in five years. (Mar2020)

Climate change could destroy almost all of Earth's coral reef habitats by 2100 (Feb 2020)

Corals choose to eat plastic over food. (Dec 2019)

Coral Reefs Face the Dual Threats of Ocean Acidification and Erosion. (Sep 2019)

New disease wipes out Caribbean coral, Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease. (Sep 2019)

Marine wildlife populations have halved in the last 40 years. (Sep 2019).

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